The Authors


We will be announcing the authors of the 2022 St Duthac Book & Arts Festival soon.

While You Are Waiting

March 2022

While the group is working on the programme for 2022 we thought we would share some tips on overcoming the obstacles budding writers can experience. Be it fiction or non-fiction, getting some inspiration for authors can help to get inspired and stay inspired. But if inspiration is simply not there or it’s shaky, then getting and staying inspired is not so easy to do.


  • Inspiration does not come in a mind that is trying to be inspired. If you’re desperate to get inspiration, it probably won’t come. Inspiration comes to a relaxed mind.

  • Meditation will open your mind up to an uncluttered space where anything can pop up, but don’t go for meditation that makes your mind dull and sleepy, go for a form of meditation that makes you feel clear.

  • Inspiration usually comes during a relaxing task, like walking or sitting looking at a lovely view.

  • If you’re stuck, take a break. Giving up can be helpful—let everything go and in the space you’ve opened up something new can arise.

Writing by the Water