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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

“Home” is a short film which is based on a theme from Scotland’s Year of

Stories 2022. Groups applying for funding were encouraged to seek out Iconic Stories, or

New Stories, or Scotland’s Peoples and Places.

Who are the modern-day Scotland’s Peoples? Why is this, Home?

We began asking people that question, and heard some interesting stories that

gave us a picture of a diverse culture in the Easter Ross of today. People from

across the globe had come to recognise this as home, and we felt it was

important to capture their voices in their first language as well as in English.

It was also a great opportunity to work with some of our talented young people.

Michal Szulc and Finley Atkins spoke with, filmed, and edited the story tellers

and you will hear from them at the end. Thanks must go to them for their time,

patience and imagination.

Not everyone we asked was willing to be filmed, but to those who did, thank


We hope you enjoy this short film.

Catherine Williams


St Duthac Book and Arts Festival Group

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