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Bothy Tales

It is the combination of John D Burns love of the outdoors with his passion for writing that make him a uniquely powerful storyteller. In his writing, John tells tales of his travels in the mountains, his love of nature and the excitement his finds in visiting wild places.

In a remote Highland bothy, a weary traveller finds shelter from the storm. In his rucksack he has coal for the fire, candles to ward off the darkness, and a little whisky to bring some cheer. The wanderer invites you into his world. There are stories of wild places, with near death adventures on ice wreathed cliff faces. Poems about the folk who wander high places. Tales of dark deeds in distant bothies and even a brush with royalty. There is also a little theatre, relating the struggles of working class folk, fighting to establish their right to wander.

Smell the woodsmoke and be transported to a world where all you have is what is packed on your back and the dreams that you follow.

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