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Busy, Busy, Busy

With no less than eight events and the pop-up bookshop to run on Friday as part of the Book & Arts Festival the organising team and dedicated volunteers were busy, busy, busy.

School visits, workshops, presentations and award-winning authors and journalists delighted their audiences and participants throughout the day and evening.

On Saturday while the 5th annual Nigg Book fair welcomed no less than 17 authors, local artist and musicians, we kicked of events with a celebration of art, horrible histories and a photographic walk. We got interactive with Drumfun which lived up to its name and delighted families with two sessions, followed by a unique event in Tain Sherriff Court and not forgetting poetry in the Underground nightclub. Before setting up for an evening with not 1, not 2 but 4 authors, from the Caledonian Crime Collective, we welcomed Morven May MacAllum with her book Finding Joy to the pop-up shop.

It's been a fantastic week for the festival which we know wouldn't happen without the support of the community and visitors to the area. Stay tuned for our next round up on Tuesday.

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