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Sammy Robertson

Introducing Sammy Robertson who will be exhibiting some of his works in the St Duthac Book and Arts Festival satellite exhibition from the 15th - 17th September 2023. All of Sammy's work is in Acrylic, using a combination of paint and pen. The edges of the painting are left unfinished, which helps adds to the ‘joie de vie’ of the mark making and unapologetic use of colour.

His love of painting began as a young boy, with three influential adults who encouraged his creativity: a grandfather who embroidered, an aunt who was a successful painter and a teacher, Miss Spellman, who nominated him to represent North Northumberland in a school competition where he reached the final stages. Later on his family and friends, including the highly respected artist Pat Semple (who went to Art College with Miss Spellman!), and especially Alison with whom he recently celebrated 50 years of marriage, all supported his love of painting and encouraged him to keep going.

Sammy and Alison’s love of travel has become a central focus for his colourful and confident painting style which, like the Fauves, has a fearless approach to colour. Imbued with memories and with rich understanding of the cultural history - visiting first hand the cave paintings in Dordoigne, the Joni Mitchel Murals in Crete and actively seeking out the art of the area they visit from Spain, Greece, Corfu, Cyprus and many more – his paintings are a pictorial travel log of the many memories and marvels they have enjoyed.

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