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Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

The final two days of the 2022 programme for the St Duthac Book & Arts festival brought geology, poetry, history, whisky tales, stories, the smooth sound of jazz music and a grand finale to entertain, enthral and delight audiences across the events.

While a group took in the sights, smells and stories with Annette Mackenzie at Glenmorangie Distillery a unique event took place at the Balnagown Estate who partnered with us to bring a fabulous package of storytelling with Bob Pegg, some live music and a sneak peek into the world of a crime fiction writer with Marion Todd.

We welcomed not one but two stars of the small screen on Monday with the Highland Vet, Guy Gordon with his first book and Grand Tours presenter and author Paul Murton - minus his hat - in conversation with, former TRA Deputy Rector, Angus Gray.

The organising team have loved bringing this year's St Duthac Book & Arts Festival to the Easter Ross Peninsula so much so that we have already started planning for 2023.

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