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We Are Popping Up @ the Fisherfolk Festival ...

With local author R K J Adams. Ruth

was born in Staffordshire in the early 1960s. She lived and worked in

‘The Black Country’, a region well known for its rich heritage and language. After

moving away from the area, she resided into rural Derbyshire for a few years before

finally relocating to Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands, when she was in her

forties. After a lifetime in education, working in primary schools as both a teacher

and later as a head teacher, she retired early in 2019.

With dreams from childhood of becoming an author, she decided to dip her feet into

the world of words by entering the 2021/2022 Neil Gunn Writing Competition, gaining

a ‘Commended’ judgement in her first ever short story. In July 2022, she successfully

published a novel, ‘Wasn’t Me, Miss!’, based loosely on some of the highs and lows

of her teaching career. A few months later, an anthology of poems, ‘Birth, Death &

The Bits In Between’ followed. In March 2023 she added a children’s book, ‘What

Shall I Be?’ to her collection.

Her fourth book, journeying into the genre of Scottish murder mysteries, is well

underway. ‘She Who Was’, set mainly in the modern-day northern Highlands, will

acknowledge the cultures and languages of invaders and settlers in the area long

ago. A publication date will be announced shortly.

Life on the other side of retirement is never dull. When not writing, she spends her

time photographing the night skies of Sutherland and Easter Ross, hunting for

sunsets, aurora borealis, and the milky way. You may also catch her on a local beach

or in the forest, walking four rescue dogs with her husband.

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