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When Will Tickets Go On Sale?!

We will be launching the sale of tickets on the 1st August 2023.

This year we are using the online platform and telephone service through TicketSource.

All our tickets will be available online and you can book at the TicketSource website.

However for those who are unable to book online, for whatever reason, TicketSource offers a telephone service.

The telephone service will cost £2 per call. So when you pick up your copy of the printed programme, coming out soon, sit down with a cuppa and make a list of all the events you wish to attend before making the call. All of the event details will be on the printed programme and on our website.

We have been pleased to work with TDDT who sold tickets on our behalf. This year that is not possible but we thank TDDT for their help in the past.

Tickets will be very popular, and venues have a limited capacity, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

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