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There's a new banner marking St Duthac Day (8th March). Special thanks to the Royal Hotel for the access.

Did you know St Duthac, or Duthus, or Duthak, lived from 1000 to 1065. He is the patron saint of Tain, and was an important figure in the Celtic Church in Ireland.

Duthac is thought to have been born in Tain in about 1000. He was educated in Ireland and went on to become a renowned preacher who attracted a considerable following. He was regarded as sufficiently important for his death to be reported in "The Annals of Ulster" for the year 1065. Tales of miracles soon grew up around the memory of Duthac. One story related how as a boy he had been sent to collect hot coals from the local smithy. The smith simply placed the hot coals in Duthac's lap, whereupon the boy carried them to his master without ill effect. (source Saint Duthac: Biography on Undiscovered Scotland 4/3/2022)

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